Spring Cleaning Like a Pro - Celebrations 2
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Spring Cleaning Like a Pro

With Spring officially in the air, winter clothes are getting packed away while shorts and sun dresses make their way from the recesses of our closets. It really is the most wonderful time of the year! While we are all shedding our layers, it is also the time to get rid of excess. While unpacking all of the clothes you haven’t been able to wear in a few months don’t forget to purge. Here are some tips to Spring cleaning like a pro.

Ask yourself some questions….

While digging in the closet if you answer yes to any of these it can move on to the next level. If no toss that sucker in the donation bin.

Have you worn it in the last year?

Don’t save things in case they come back in style!

Is it sentimental?

If it is not a wedding dress you can probably let it go…

Does it fit?

Keeping those skinny jeans from high school is torture, you have grown up and moved on time to let your closet do the same!

Does it need repairs?

Most people will not actually repair broken things. So if you have a pile of things missing buttons either do it right now or say bye-bye.

Now let’s move on to the bathroom…

Is it expired?

Ladies- let it go. That 5-year-old mascara is not doing anyone any favors.

Is it empty?

Or nearly empty- do you have 10 bottles of shampoo with just the dregs left? Combine them!

Do you use it?

Again- all those lotions and potions under the sink don’t do anyone any good if they are never opened. Donate the unused ones to a women’s shelter and simplify your routine.

And we can finish in the kitchen!

See the bathroom questions above. Donate unused dry-goods, spices, hot sauces to a local soup kitchen. Combine doubles. Free yourself from the tyranny of 5 mustard bottles.

Now you can sit back and enjoy all of the new space you have found for yourself! Find your favorite shirt with ease, fly through that recipe and follow your tried and true makeup routine without fear.