Ideas for Your Best Valentines Yet - Celebrations 2
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Ideas for Your Best Valentines Yet

As we slide into February the month of love and of course Valentines day the pressure is on to find a good spot to take your honey. While going out on February 14 is romantic, restaurants are often overbooked and overpriced.

Dine In

If you are looking for an alternative to the normal date night why not try cooking something special at home instead? If the eyes are the key to the soul, the stomach is the key to the heart.
Looking for a fun recipe? Check our new Pinterest board! We’ve got a variety- from finger foods to steak dinner…

It’s a treasure trove of inspiration, from breakfast in bed to setting the table. We’ve just gotten you started, you can search for more details, and even do it by ingredient! Plus all of the pictures are fabulously enticing- so have snacks on hand because even looking for a recipe can build up an appetite.

Set the Mood

If you’re going for the at home option- make things stand out from every day by setting the table. Yes, candles are common place for romantic dining- but there’s a reason! Everyone looks flattering in candlelight. Plus taking a break from the overhead lighting every office dweller is subjected to will help you relax and forget about your work obligations. And who says you have to do dinner?
We even have some beautiful breakfast in bed pictures to get you fired up about heart shaped pancakes and coffee. We chose easy to complete recipes because hey, we can’t all be Julia Childs.

Try Something New

If you want a fun activity to try with someone outside the norm try 36 questions to fall in love. Created by psychologists for a study to see if they could make complete strangers fall in love over the course of an evening, it’s a sure way to increase intimacy. Questions become increasingly more penetrating until the last activity- which is staring into each other’s eyes for a few minutes without looking away. It’s fun, free and at the very least a great way to learn something new about each other. And it’s even recommended by the New York Times! Try it here.

Looking for a gift idea?

The more personal you get the better. Think of a great time you shared together and try to go off of that theme. Make a homemade card, like when you used to exchange valentines in school, it will make your partner feel special. Spending money on the shiny stuff is nice too, but there’s nothing quite like your time. Give a photo or an experience! Make your own “coupon” booklet or book the skydiving trip you have been putting off for years.

And of course, there is always the old faithful restaurant date. If you are going that route make sure to book early because places fill up quickly! Whatever you choose don’t stress yourself out too much. This day should serve as a gentle reminder to appreciate your mate.