Where to get a Christmas tree in Santa Maria - Celebrations 2
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Where to get a Christmas tree in Santa Maria

Real vs Fake

Decisions, Decisions! There is a lot to consider during the holiday season and weather to go real or fake for your tree is a big one!

Real trees offer an excellent ambience, provide a delightful smell in your home and are better for the environment! Fake trees are made from plastic that requires a lot of resources to make. If you aren’t going to be reusing a fake tree for more than 9 years, it is eco-friendlier to get a real tree.

Real trees though, require more maintenance. They must be fed sugar water to prevent them from dropping needles during your holiday! The needles can be an irritant to some people and if you have small children or pets roaming around you must watch for accidental consumption.

When you are finished with your tree, the City of Santa Maria offers curbside recycling. Jan 2-4 2017 simply place the tree next to your trash on collection day. Be sure to place by 6:30 am, remove the stand, and cut anything tall in half.

Choose and Cut

What a great tradition for the whole family! Walk the beautiful and festive grounds and pick the perfect tree for your home, together. Take turns playing lumberjack and reward yourself with some cocoa while your tree is prepared to take home.

After being hand-cut, the trees are levelled, drilled for a stand and shaken to reduce the likelihood of dropping needles in your home. Stands can be purchased at the farm and reused next year.

Holloways Farm

The largest choose and cut tree farm in California! Right in your backyard. Holloways has been in business for 54 years.

Address: 2120 S Bradley Rd, Santa Maria, CA 93454

Phone:(805) 739-1141


Wednesday 12–8PM
Thursday 12–8PM
Friday 12–8PM
Saturday 9AM–8PM
Sunday 9AM–8PM
Monday 12–8PM
Tuesday 12–8PM


Precut and Artificial

The Home Depot

Fresh cut and artificial trees starting at $50 along with lights, ornaments and toppers.

Address: 2120 S Bradley Rd, Santa Maria, CA 93454

Phone:(805) 739-1141

Hours: open everyday 6am-9pm