What Food to Plant in Your Garden Now - Celebrations 2
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What Food to Plant in Your Garden Now

Summer has officially arrived. Tis the season of barbeques, beaches and farming. That’s right it’s the perfect time of year to plant food that you can eat for the rest of the summer. Nothing tastes like fresh more than something you’ve grown in your very own yard.

But is it too much work you ask? Certainly, keeping a garden involves its upkeep. Weeding, watering and eventually harvesting. And even if it saves you money to grow these little fellas the time you put into it is not worth it.

Hold on just a minute. There are veggies that take little maintenance, grow like weeds and you will actually want to eat them! Check out our summer top 5 to keep your guests impressed and both wallet and bellies fat and happy.


Can be planted every 2 weeks and just need a little water to grow. Keep ‘em wet and plant every fortnight to keep the party going. Most lettuce and arugula will also double the fun by being able to be harvested more than once. Atkins never tasted so delicious.

Kale ya! (And chard)

Are expensive to buy, easy to grow and packed with nutrients. Best part is you can break off the leaves you need and let the plant keep growing!


Get the cute little cherries to pep up your plate and extend the growing season. You can even grow seeds from your fresh cherry tomatoes.


Zoodle spaghetti here we come! Zucchini is prolific. In fact if you ignore it, you may come back to find baseball bat sized veggies in no time. They also make a great companion on the barbeque.


Insert your favorite here. Plant in the garden, in a window box or just pot them in your kitchen for the freshest ingredients at your finger tips.

You too can have a beautiful garden full of tasty foods with a little effort. Try something new this year!