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Choose the Right Floor for Your Family

Thinking of remodeling? Nothing makes a bigger impact than a brand spanking new floor! It’s a big investment so you want to make sure you choose the right floor for your family. A google search brings up an overwhelming amount of options. How do you choose? Our helpful guide will go over some different options for you.


Refinished concrete floors are very popular right now. It’s beautiful, simple and elementally elegant. But there are some things to consider when decorating with concrete.

If you have to remove tile, there will be mastic. Mastic is the adhesive used to stick tile to the concrete base. In order to use your concrete you have to get all of the mastic off. And the concrete underneath will have to be scrubbed in order to apply paint or epoxy finish. Concrete is very porous so it is important to finish it. Paint is a cheaper option but the rule of thumb is that whatever you paint- be prepared to touch it up.

This option is not good if your concrete has a lot of difficult to remove mastic or is in bad shape with chips and cracks. It will turn out to be more expensive and a lot more work. But if your concrete is in good shape and you want a beautiful, low maintenance floor concrete makes a great option.


Not your grandmothers flooring! There are some beautiful vinyl’s out there that are very easy to install. Some even stick on! Vinyl is inexpensive, easy to install and made of plastic so it is waterproof! Beautiful vinyl that interlocks and looks like wood can be found at your local hardware store.  It’s installed directly onto the existing floor so it can be hard and cold.

Great for the homeowner with kids or pets. Best for areas that are prone to water like the bathroom. Vinyl, even luxury vinyl does not maintain the resale value of the other flooring types. And, while it has come a long way does not quite mimic the feel of hardwood.


Laminate can only boast moisture resistance as it is made from 99% wood with what is essentially a sticker on top. It has also come a long way in terms of look and feel. With patterns that repeat 1 in every 50 you can really trick guests into thinking it’s hardwood! Inexpensive, easy to install and relatively durable laminate makes a great flooring option for the main rooms of the house.

It tends to be warmer on the toes than concrete, tile and vinyl. It holds up to spills well, but only if they are wiped up immediately. Since it is made of wood, any standing water will saturate and potentially warp the planks. Laminate is also scratch resistant but if you have a high traffic area or a lot of pets laminate may not be the best choice.

Porcelain Tile

Tile is laborious to install but will outlast nearly any other floor type. Once tile is installed, it can remain un-warped, unstained and unscathed for over 50 years. It is completely water proof, scratch resistant and beautiful. Today there are great options for the hardwood look alikes.

It is more difficult to install which makes it more expensive and it can be cold on the toes in the winter. But for someone who wants to get it done right, prioritizes durability and wants something easy to clean tile is your best investment.


The classic cozy option. Carpet feels great, especially with young kids. There are many durable options out there but the fact is that carpet has a short life span and needs a lot of TLC.

If you have pets be prepared to vacuum, and replace your carpet more often.


Classic beauty. Hardwood, if taken care of can last a lifetime. But it is a much more expensive option. It does not stand up well to wet areas since it is a porous material. For the homeowner who loves the classics and has a big tax return to invest. Hardwood has a great resale value.