6 Summer Party Essentials - Celebrations 2
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6 Summer Party Essentials

More daylight, more time outside! The art of the summer party is to look effortless- and in this heat it should actually be effortless. Here are some low budget high fun things to try at your next summer party.

1. Slip and Slide

This is an old classic for a good reason. Cool off this summer with endless entertainment- whether you have kids. DIY it with water, a tarp and a little soap.

2. Have your watermelon, and drink it too!

It’s great on the grill, in slices and even as a beverage. Scoop it out and blend it with mint, mix with lemonade or cut a hole and let your favorite hard liquor soak in for an adults only boozy treat. Check out our summer Pinterest board for more directions.

3. Water balloon fight!

Just maybe don’t aim for the face…

4. Make your bug repellent beautiful

Float citronella votives in a mason jar with water, lemon and rosemary.

5. Bust out the bubbles

Delight the youngsters and young at heart with bubble wands and solvent.

6. Make ahead

If you’re having a crowd do whatever you can ahead of time from pressing burger patties to filling up water balloons. We have a few helpful pins on our Pinterest board that help you decide how much you need to feed a hungry crowd.