Magazine Worthy Decoration - Celebrations 2
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Magazine Worthy Decoration

We are overjoyed to announce that one of our model homes will be featured in the upcoming Sacramento Magazine. Thanks to the stunning professional design afforded us by Mercedes Brennan and Karen Campbell. The pair took on the challenge of their first model home, and knocked it out of the park.

Sacramento Magazine

We are in love with the subtle themes, playful accents and pops of color everywhere and we aren’t the only ones taking notice. A photo of the interior of our model sales office has been re-grammed on Instagram including on the Stikwood @stikwooddesign page- a wall covering that we used in a few places in the model.

Model Home

They had a good base to work with- we boast floor plans that compact and mighty. They work hard for you with every inch thought out. We added smarter storage, we focused on green and we thought about the home owner every step of the way. We designed this for you. A place you can imagine coming home to at the end of a long day, kicking your shoes off and unloading the groceries. A beautifully landscaped neighborhood with minimal yard upkeep for the busy home owner. And our walkable location right down town isn’t half bad either…

The designers brought these feelings to life. Come and stop by Thursday through Tuesday from 10 am – 5 pm at 1927 Celebrations Avenue and like us in person! We are proud of what we are making and we want to show it off to future proud homeowners.