4 Easy Kitchen Updates - Celebrations 2
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4 Easy Kitchen Updates

Renovations can be incredibly expensive. Especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Little changes add up quickly. If you are on a budget and want to refresh your kitchen try one of these 5 easy ways to update your kitchen.

Open Shelving

Skill Level: Moderate
Cost: Free – $400?
Depending on what materials you choose. Cheapest option is to remove your existing doors.

There is something so beautiful about displaying the plates, cups, and bowls that you love you much. Why not turn the every day into a work of art with open shelving? Cons are that if you live in a dusty area and keep your doors open in the summer you might have to do a lot more dusting. Pros you will be able to see- and therefore use your fine china all the time!

Subway Tile Backsplash

Skill Level: Moderate – High
Cost: $200 – $500
Depending on how much you want to tile

Subway tile is inexpensive, chic and so versatile. Backsplash a few inches, or your whole wall. There are endless colors, patterns and finishes so hop on our Pinterest and find one that works for you, or stop by our models and see what our designers chose!

Painted Countertops

Skill Level: Moderate
Cost: $200

That’s right! You can update to marble on the price of paint! If you have an old, outdated countertop check out these tutorials for making it look like beautiful Carrera marble! All you need is the right paint, a streak of creativity and some patience and you too can have a fool-your-friends fancy kitchen.

Paint Your Cabinets

Skill Level: Easy
Cost: $150
For all painting supplies, less if you already have some.

It’s such an easy way to update a tired kitchen. Use gloss so that you can wipe spills easily. Don’t forget to tape anything you don’t want to be painted- like drawer pulls and hinges. And please use a primer!

For under $500 you can have your dream kitchen! And no one has to know it didn’t cost you a fortune. Whatever updates you decide to go with- good luck and HAVE FUN!

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